One EHR for Complex Service Providers

A single platform suited for your complex needs.

One Platform for Complex Service That’s Easy and Flexible

In the past, Complex Service Providers needed to rely on multiple systems to meet the needs of their complex and diverse client base. Welligent was created by behavioral healthcare experts to create an easy, seamless experience for all clinicians, practitioners, and their clients.

Our flexible network architecture means you can add on or integrate with existing systems if required.

Welligent has over 20 years’ experience accommodating Complex Service Providers in over 30 states, while staying compliant and integrated with state and federal regulations.

Note taking
Treatment plans
Revenue and reporting processes

Why Welligent for Complex Service Providers?


Welligent has worked with community-based services throughout the country. Our system can integrate with—and report to—state regulatory agencies and payers, plus meet legal documentation requirements nationwide.


Track your clients across all services with one comprehensive system.


No more juggling multiple systems. Just one place for documentation, billing, treatment plans, and note taking—in-practice and off-site.

Try an EHR that understands complex services like no other.