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[Webinar] Seamlessly Integrate Telehealth Into Your Clinical Workflow

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Faced with the urgency of the COVID epidemic many providers rushed to implement various forms of virtual services based on telephone, Facetime, business platforms, and third-party video conferencing solutions. However, the speed of that transition may not have resulted in the most ideal, long-term strategy due to cost, usability factors, lack of integration with EHRs, or clinical workflows. Coming out of the current crisis, providers who implement the right telehealth solution will produce an integrated, frictionless approach to virtual care.

This webinar will not only help you locate the rough edges left over from the rapid change to offering telehealth services; it will show you how to “sand down” those edges to improve performance and increase efficiency.


Featuring OPEN MINDS Senior Associate, Deb Adler and Welligent Director of Sales, Rich Daly, this event will:

  • Describe key strategies to take your telehealth solution to the next level
  • Take your telehealth platform from a separate, cumbersome add-on to an integrated, strategic opportunity to streamline your clinical workflows
  • Add new service lines or patient populations
  • Potentially create new funding streams
  • Demonstration of Welligent Telehealth, a key component of Welligent’s Customer Engagement Toolkit




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