Affordable Telehealth for Behavioral Health Providers

Ensure continuity of service while maintaining the safety and security of your staff and clients with Welligent Telehealth. Speak with a product expert.

Has COVID-19 Revealed Gaps In Your Service Delivery Process?

Now more than ever, behavioral health professionals are looking for secure and affordable telehealth solutions that will allow them to serve their populations cost-effectively. Whether to meet current social distancing guidelines or evolving consumer expectations, behavioral health organizations and their clients need solutions that ensure continuity of service while maintaining the safety and security of all parties.

Whether you are currently using Welligent, another EHR platform, or if you are a paper-based practice, Welligent Telehealth will rapidly modernize your service delivery and position your agency and staff for the future.

Designed for rapid deployment and quick adoption, Welligent’s Telehealth:

  • Designed for both existing Welligent users and new users alike
  • Works across mobile phones, tablets, and desktop browsers
  • Easily start telehealth meetings on-the-fly with click-and-meet technology for clients and practitioners
  • Can be used for both individual and group services
  • Use as a stand-alone tool or access from the provider’s schedule
  • Connects with clients for unscheduled services on demand
  • Provides screen sharing capabilities and text-based chat
  • Flexible pricing based on anticipated use and not a per-user monthly fees

Key Features

Safe and Secure HIPAA-Compliant

Group or Individual Sessions

Multi-Device Compatibility

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