Welligent provides an enhanced CSB software experience

Welligent’s Community Services Board (CSB) software fully supports behavioral healthcare, crisis intervention, employment programs, early intervention, intellectual and developmental disabilities, substance use disorders, residential and day support, and more. We have abundant modules available, all for the same monthly licensing fee. You can simply toggle modules on or off depending on the needs of your CSB.

We don’t just provide the software tools needed to support CSBs, we customize each on-boarding and implementation process based on your unique organizational workflows. The Welligent project team interviews CSB staff throughout the organization, analyzes workflows, and investigates current and potential opportunities for efficiency gains and improved quality of care. That’s why organizations like Arlington’s Department of Human Services chose Welligent as their CSB software.

Why implement a new CSB software?

As with any organization, Arlington’s workflows and organizational needs evolved over time. After 18 years of using the same system, it was time for a change. Before Welligent, Arlington was dependent on paper and spreadsheets, despite having an EHR system in place.

The CSB was not interested in migrating its previous EHR configuration, process, or workflows into a new EHR. Instead, Arlington chose to build on Welligent’s best practices for implementing behavioral health providers with diverse business needs. The county also wanted a vendor with robust mobile capabilities. With Welligent’s mobile apps, the CSB can support new models of service delivery and improve individual and population outcomes.

The new EHR needed to be consistent with the county’s focus to efficiently and effectively provide a wide range of quality services to the people served. The chosen vendor needed to meet all state data collection and reporting requirements, including the CCS3 state extract and Virginia’s new Waiver Management System (WaMS) interface requirements. Arlington selected Welligent’s EHR platform to provide the flexibility and ease of use needed to satisfy these requirements and improve organizational workflows. Read more about Welligent’s partnership with Arlington CSB.

How Welligent’s software helps Arlington CSB connect the dots

Welligent and ACCSB worked together to develop clear, mutually agreed upon goals for successful implementation of the EHR. All goals are centered around the guiding principles of Arlington County below.

Welligent Arlington CSB Guiding Principles

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