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Welligent is the top California EHR! About 42% of our customer base is in California. Behavioral health, substance abuse treatment, foster care and school nurse providers all use our software. Our 50 California customers are all over the state from Lake Tahoe and Sacramento to Long Beach and Palm Springs. From customers with an annual revenue of less than 1 to over 100 million, we serve organizations big and small. Find out why so many providers choose Welligent as their California EHR provider!

IBHIS Project

IBHIS is the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health’s (LAC DMH) secure, web-based Health Information Exchange (HIE) system. It was designed to comply with HIPAA and improve clinical service delivery. Los Angeles serves about 250,000 residents annually. LAC DMH is the largest county mental health service system in the nation.

Welligent’s IBHIS integration permits client demographics, treatment history and eligibility to be exchanged with the county using real-time web services. This information exchange saves time and money for both clinicians and clients while improving client care. Welligent was the first IBHIS-certified EHR in Los Angeles County. With Welligent, real-time HIE is a reality. We are proud to be part of IBHIS and already have several customers live with the project—experiencing real-time interoperability!

Some of our customers that are LIVE on IBHIS include:

Key Benefits of Interoperability

Key benefits of interoperability and IBHIS include connecting providers and payors, accurate and timely information exchange and enhanced clinical decision making. The real-time, web service transactions lead to improved care process and outcomes, reduced costs and increased efficiency.

What Are California Customers Saying?

California EHR EMQ

“A number of things differentiated Welligent [from the competition]…the cost, the user interface, the technology framework and of course the relationship established with Andy and Chip (co-owners of Welligent).”

Rachael Clausen, Campbell, CA – Executive Director of IT, EMQ FamiliesFirst


California EHR Foothill Family

“Our implementation of Welligent led to massive time savings for clinical staff, improved billing processes and overall improved efficiency. Prior to Welligent, we were unable to efficiently coordinate care. Now we can.”

Chris Howard, Pasadena, CA – IT/EHRS Director, Foothill Family

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