Welligent Partnered with SkyBank Financial for Electronic Payment Processing

May 19, 2015, Norfolk, VA – Welligent Incorporated (Welligent) has partnered with SkyBank Financial (SkyBank), a leader in integrated electronic payment processing services for the healthcare industry. With a growing need for healthcare management software to enhance productivity and efficiency for its users, Welligent now offers an integrated payment processing solution that eliminates reconciliation issues caused by duplicate data entry, while also lowering the fees associated with processing credit and debit card transactions.

“During our evaluation and due diligence in selecting a partner for this offering, it became abundantly clear that SkyBank would provide our organization with the greatest value, while operating with high standards of ethics and integrity”, said Andy McCraw, President of Welligent, Inc. “Our conversations, among other things, resulted in us learning about the many hidden fees involved in credit card processing and how these hidden fees are a direct drain on the bottom line.”

As a result, Welligent has pre-negotiated a discounted pricing program for their users. SkyBank will be providing all of the software and hardware free of charge.

“We are confident that the integrated processing solution will enhance productivity for Welligent’s clients”, says Thomas Aronica, CEO of Miami-based SkyBank Financial. “By eliminating the need to enter the same data multiple times in different systems, we effectively reduce the likelihood of user error while saving time and money associated with billing and collections”.

Through this partnership, Welligent’s award-winning practice management software now has the capability of accepting credit and debit card payments directly through the user interface without the need for a separate third-party vendor or solution.

About SkyBank Financial

Headquartered in Miami, FL, SkyBank is a leading provider of payment solutions, including credit and debit card processing, mobile commerce (mCommerce), check verification and guarantee services, and a variety of other payment processing solutions. With hundreds of millions of dollars processed annually through our partner payment network, we have consistently proven that our clients benefit from using our secure technology. For more information, please visit www.SkyBankFinancial.com or call 800-617-9980.

About Welligent

Welligent, based in Norfolk, VA, offers a leading cloud-based electronic health record (EHR) system that is both mobile and secure. Welligent provides documentation, scheduling, and medication and caseload management access from your desktop, tablet or smartphone. Users are able to manage all programs, services and payors from one, integrated system. Welligent’s interoperable software is fully configurable and includes features and options such as clinical records, treatment plan libraries, forms management, ePrescribing, electronic billing, and dashboard reporting. For more information about Welligent, visit www.welligent.com or call 888-317-5960.

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