Health Care AI: Disrupting the Healthcare Market One App at a Time

Health Care AI: Disrupting the Health Care Market One App at a Time

In the last several decades, industries have become inundated with technology, making many services and products more efficient and affordable. But so far, healthcare has been an exception to this trend. Technological advances have increased care costs and complicated service delivery. New health care AI companies promise to change this trend.

Tech startups have picked up on this trend and realize there are huge profits to be made by catering to this left behind health care industry. But what kind of profits are we talking about? Well, if you take a disease like diabetes, most people living with the condition spend $5,000 to $10,000 per year on medication. Diabetics with complications can spend hundreds of thousands on doctor and hospital bills annually. One tech pioneer has created an app to disrupt the diabetic health care market.

His name is Sami Inkinen, co-founder of the real estate site Trulia. After being diagnosed with Type II Diabetes, Inkinen felt obligated to develop an app to help diabetic individuals improve their health. This app, Virta, creates a virtual live-in doctor and diabetes coach that monitors glucose levels, weight, blood pressure and activity. Doctors monitor the data collected by the app and adjust the clients’ medications, diet and routines accordingly. The app increases productivity by 10 times because doctors are able to meet with multiple patients in a short amount of time. Clinical trials of Virta’s system have actually shown that diabetes can be reversed. Virta is just one of many apps disrupting the health care AI market.

Virta is just one of many apps displaying the benefits health care AI can provide. Many tech developers are striving to provide health care innovations that will make care more efficient and accessible for all. Check out this Newsweek article to learn about additional AI that will disrupt the health care market in the years ahead.

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