Add-Ons Through Secure Third Party Vendors

Welligent EHR has numerous add-ons for just about anything you can think of. We know it can be a challenge for healthcare providers to find EHR solutions that meet all of their needs. Some vendors claim to have an “out of the box” solution to meet the needs of every provider. At Welligent, we understand that every behavioral health and school nursing organization is different. Every provider has unique needs! That’s why we have a complete EHR for your documentation, billing and reporting. But we also offer an array of add-ons for those extra services that simplify your workflow.

Welligent has teamed with trusted third party vendors for the below add-ons. Have a question or need a quote? Use our Contact Us form or directly contact Janet Fisher at 757-213-5960 x5959 or

Add-Ons Preferred Vendors

  • Appointment Reminders

    Send automatic client reminders with a phone call, text or email. WellReminders allows you to alert your clients about upcoming appointments, no-show notices, past-due balance reminders, emergency closings, prescription statuses and change announcements. ClientTell and Welligent are committed to providing the best client communication at an affordable cost with a system that’s easy to use.

  • Billing and Clinical Solutions

    Improve your agency’s revenue cycle and efficiency while enabling your staff to spend more time with clients with Change Healthcare’s (formally Emdeon) clearinghouse. Change Healthcare makes it easy for you to electronically process claims with the check of a box. Claims are automatically routed to third party payers. Change Healthcare’s clinical features allow you to write electronic client prescriptions, request lab orders and view remittance advice. Best of all, Welligent’s experienced billing team is available to assist you with correcting claim rejections.

    Change Healthcare Printed Patient Statements – Allows patient statements to be mailed to your patients with fast, effective statement processing, printing and mailing. An interface between Welligent and Change Healthcare will automate the process of generating and mailing statements to patients for their responsibility.

  • Business Intelligence Dashboards

    Oracle BI Publisher is the reporting solution to author, manage and deliver all your reports and documents easier and faster than traditional reporting tools. Use your web browser or familiar desktop tools to create everything from pixel-perfect customer facing documents to interactive management reports against practically any data source. View reports online or schedule them and deliver tens of thousands of documents per hour with minimal impact to transactional systems.

  • Electronic Credit Card Payment Processing

    Eliminate client payment delays and duplicate data entry, and lower debit and credit card processing fees. With SkyBank, Welligent provides your agency with the most robust and secure integrated payment processing solution. Easily swipe your clients’ credit and debit cards and route payments directly to your merchant accounts.

  • Digital Signature Capture

    Speed up business processes, save paper and increase security with electronic signatures. Achieve high-quality signature capture for a multitude of applications and operating environments at a competitive price. Whether you are looking for the most advanced wireless and LCD signature pads or something modest and portable, Topaz has your needs covered.

  • Treatment Planning Libraries

    Quickly create evidence-based treatment plans for your clients. John Wiley & Sons Practice Planners Treatment Planning Libraries include thousands of pre-written treatment goals, objectives and interventions based on various presenting problems. Clinicians can easily build individualized treatment plans and measure progress with Welligent’s progress note system.

  • Automated Medi-Cal Eligibility

    Streamline and automate your organization’s Medi-Cal eligibility checking with Welligent’s integration with Covivitas. This third party service enables your billing department to recover and maximize claim revenue through a fully automated process. Covivitas eliminates the need to manually log into the Medi-Cal website and no 99 record limit for 270/271 EDI transactions! Check client eligibility for any day of the month and retroactively check up to one year’s worth of claim eligibility– 365 days back. Client eligibility data is automatically loaded into the Welligent EHR. Experience major time savings with eligibility results that arrive within 24 hours at an affordable monthly cost.

  • Lab Interfaces

    Due to the volume of lab providers and complexity of connectivity requirements, the Welligent EHR offers a seamless integration with Change Healthcare/Emdeon to streamline the process of lab test orders/results processing. Change Healthcare has extensive experience helping providers and laboratories connect to achieve their business and technology goals. Welligent’s Change Healthcare laboratory interface means a more cost effective and quicker method of integrating your lab into the Welligent system.

    The Change Healthcare clinical network laboratory list includes hundreds of labs across the U.S. Welligent’s stock lab interface enables your organization to connect with all supported labs. If Change Healthcare doesn’t currently support your desired lab, Welligent will work with Change Healthcare to create a custom interface that meets your needs.

    Click here to view Change Healthcare/Emdeon’s list of supported labs integrated into the Welligent EHR.

    Benefits of Using Change Healthcare Laboratory Interface

    • Simplifies or eliminates EHR integration hassles – Welligent’s existing interface provides access to electronically placed orders and delivers results through an existing, single standards-based integration with our EHR.
    • Eliminates installation time – The Change Healthcare interface is already integrated into the Welligent EHR. Creating an interface with your existing lab provider is as easy as turning it on.
    • Effectively reduces costs – Welligent’s existing Change Healthcare lab interface reduces the cost and complexity of building custom lab interfaces.
    • Improves quality – Change Healthcare lab interface means cleaner lab orders.
    • Increases efficiency – Change Healthcare is an expert in clinical exchange!

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