Intelligent Wellness.
That’s Welligent.

Our Story

In 1998, owners Andy McCraw and Chip Sutelan, both IT specialists in the Behavioral Health sector, met at Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters Center (CHKD) for Pediatric Research.

While there, they were given a grant to develop an information system for school nurses. Their solution was among the first in healthcare that was taken off of the hard drive and put onto the cloud.

This intelligent wellness system inspired the nickname Welligent and in 2003, when they started their own company, the name stuck.









Meet Welli

This is Welli. She’s inspired by co-owner Chip Sutelan’s pup, Liffey, but has become a part of the family.

Welli is much more than a mascot or an office dog. For us, she’s a fluffy, living symbol of some of the principles we hold near and dear.

As a Pembroke Corgi, Welli is wired to work. She’s a herder, always gathering and looking after those in her care.

She’s a vigilant observer, always knowing when something’s out of place — never resting on her laurels* — and unconditionally willing to service and support the people in her world.

Hard working. Dedicated. Loyal.

That’s Welli. And that’s Welligent.

*Naps not included.

Welligent is Part of the ContinuumCloud

Welligent is now part of the ContinuumCloud spectrum of solutions for social good. We’ll be providing the same great product and service as part of a suite of cloud-based solutions designed specifically for behavioral health and human services organizations.