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People are consistently connected to mobile devices. From checking social media and bank accounts to playing games and ordering food, everything is just a click away. Your clients’ health records should be no different. With Welligent Express, your mobile EHR is accessible wherever you are—whether you’re in the office, the community, a hospital or school setting. Your scheduling, documentation, billing information and medication management are accessible from your desktop, tablet or smartphone. Welligent Express is available on both Android and Apple platforms. Spend more time with your clients and less time catching up on documentation. Whether you’re on the go or at your desk, your Welligent data is always accessible, safe and secure. Best of all, Welligent Express is available at no additional cost with Welligent EHR!

No WiFi? No problem.

With Welligent Express, you can go offline in the morning and stay offline all day. Access your client records, forms, medications and pay sources all without an internet connection. Document your notes as usual and sync your data the next time you have internet access. Welligent Express is your key to increased productivity.

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Client Features

  • Search for existing clients that are part of your caseload
  • Add new clients
  • Add and edit client records, including basic and extended demographics, as well as intake and discharge information
  • Add and edit client payors, contacts, medications and assessment tools
  • View client attachments

Event Features

  • View events and appointments calendar (day/month/week)
  • Schedule new and edit existing events and appointments
  • Complete and sign existing events and appointments
  • View and edit your existing caseload
  • Access your recent clients

Security & Additional Information

Security & Additional Information

Welligent Express is available for Android and Apple mobile devices. Whether you’re on the go or at your desk, your Welligent Express data is always accessible, safe and secure. Welligent Express completes user authentication through SSL utilizing the same login credentials as our desktop EHR. Our app complies with HIPAA regulations, and auto-signoff parameters are designated based on your organization’s standards. All data is fully encrypted and password protected.

In the last few years, mobile technology has rapidly transformed the healthcare industry, creating its own term, mHealth. mHealth is the practice of medicine and public health that is supported by mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Some advantages of mHealth include: increased accessibility to health records for both client and clinician—especially those living in remote areas—reduced costs, increased data and client record accuracy and improved client care. Welligent Express allows clinicians to spend more quality time with clients, easily document crises and quickly send and receive appointment reminders and other client notifications.

Use Welligent Express for increased accessibility to health records, increased data and client record accuracy and improved client care!

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With Welligent, your health records are accessible wherever you go—whether you’re in the office


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